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If I use one of my special character tags such as: * or # along with a tag such as Food or Medical example: *:Food or #:Medical, the tags with a special character won't sort in any defined manner correctly. They are just inter dispersed among all the tags that are sorted that start with an alpha character. There is no order what so ever!  Is this a Quicken problem or do I have a corrupted file, and is this the kind of issue Quicken may correct in the future? I use * as a necessity tag, and # as a normal monthly tag, then want to use it for a report.


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    Hello TJ, appreciate your question.

    I am trying to replicate your problem and I can not sort with special characters in the front of the Tag.. 

    Do you have any tags like "Deposit", or "Food" already setup as a tag and wanted to sort this way?

    Please let us know so that we can best help you.

    ~ Quicken Harold.
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  • I am interested in the answer to this question also. I am about to begin using tags and want to learn about sorting with special characters. before I get started.
    TJ, did you get your answer elsewhere?
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    To clarify, this issue has nothing to do with the use of special characters.

    @TJ created two additional tags * and #.  The tags could been necessity and monthly.

    When multiple tags are applied to transactions and we ask Quicken to sort transactions by tag in a report, Quicken picks one of the tags.  In my experience, Quicken appears to be selecting the first tag applied to the transaction.

    The tags appear to sort in the expected ASCII sort order:
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