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Someone else asked this question 3 months ago.  The only reply was that allowing paste on the password field is not "best practice".  This is related to entering the password for the periodic logon that Quicken now requires.  I disagree with the answer from Snowman.  I believe programs should allow paste.  I use a password manager to keep my complex passwords.  Trying to type a complex password into the Quicken signon box is a pain, and could cause people to use a simpler password for the cloud.  

I assume Quicken went to extra work to prevent paste.  I would ask them to revisit their decision.  Given that using a Password Manager is recommended by most security sites, shouldn't Quicken be designed to work with them?

Thanks for listening.
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    I agree.  Having to manually transpose from one screen to another the password that is stored in my password manager is a real PAIN!
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