Allow Deleting Transactions on Mobile. (2 Legacy Votes)

Steve McKeever
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From emails I've received asking me to be a beta tester of a newly designed Quicken Mobile app, it's clear that Quicken is going to soon release an update to the mobile app.  I hope two very frustrating "features" with the current iOS version will be fixed:  1) When using the "+" sign to add a transaction, the account that always comes up as the default account for the added transaction is an account I rarely use, resulting in transactions being inadvertently entered in the wrong account.  I hope the updated app will allow me to change the default account that opens when using the "+" sign to add a transaction; and 2) I hope the new design of the app will allow a transaction to be deleted.  This was once a feature of the earlier versions of the mobile app, but has gone away.  Quicken Programmers:  We make mistakes, let us delete those transactions entered in error!
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This was implemented in Quicken Mobile v5.0.44, released July 19, 2018


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