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This is a feature that seems to be available in Quicken Windows. Especially for those in retirement it would be very helpful in anticipating income. The simplest implementation for the user would be to enable "Schedule selected transaction" for investment transactions. It would be nice if it showed up in the income summary under "bills and Income" but I would be happy to just be able to schedule dividends and see the anticipated income in the investment account transactions window. This has been discussed in previous posts: and
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    You can currently schedule Payment/Deposit transactions in an investment account, but unfortunately, that is the only type.
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    Main problem is that one has to create a lot of new payees duplicating the securities list and then after posting edit the the transaction type to the correct investment transaction type. It would be so much easier using "schedule selected transaction" function.
  • I find that cash management well into the future is so much easier with scheduled transactions. However, scheduled loan payments and investment activity are not handled properly in Quicken MAC.

    I entered my entire amortization table as future transactions since Quicken and my bank disagree a bit on the interest amounts from time to time. As a result, Quicken thinks most of those future transactions already happened! I should have 29 payments to go, but Quicken says 3.

    I draw my retirement income mostly from monthly CD ladder maturities. I tried entering these as future sell transactions to keep track of the future cash balance. And again, Quicken thinks those transactions have already occurred and includes neither the value of currently unsold CDs nor their maturation cash in my net worth.
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    I use this all the time in QM2007... VERY MUCH needed.
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