IDEA: Spending Tab: With or without Taxes - Add tax line columns as default in spending table view

Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
Add "tax line item" and tax-related" columns to the default view of the spending table.   By default these columns are not shown.   As there is often confusion as to what makes up the total spending difference between "spending" and "spending without taxes" pull-downs,  having these two columns defaulted solves that problem for users.   See image.

In the past, every time I looked at the spending tab, my question was "so what makes up the difference" and until I discovered the ability to add these columns and wasted so much time trying to reconcile them....Yes, I should have noticed the settings gear and been more curious....

I do realize that you probably don't like to push new default views to users, as it may reset their already configured views.   Perhaps you could set the new default view going forward for new users or re-installations.  

Also below are a few links to past community posts illustrating the issue.
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2018 QW HBR r8.10

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