Quicken "hanging" after file -> exit

Quicken R17.1 build
Windows 10

when I exit Quicken by selecting exit from the file menu, the program wont fully close and instead hangs on the screen shown below and then I need to "control alt delete" and end task in order to get out of the program.  I use Quicken in an "offline" format, where I enter my transactions manually and don't connect to the banks.  This behavior just suddenly started.  It wasn't after a Windows update, or anything (at least not any Windows updates that I was aware of).


I see that there are other posts about this issue or a similar issue, but I wasn't sure what to do as there might be multiple "instigators" of the problem.  In other words, what if in some cases it's caused by the version of Quicken that you are using and in other cases it's caused by file corruption. 

Here are some of the other posts that I found that might be related to the problem.

This one seems to label it as a bug, with the fix of clicking the red X as a workaround

There is also a suggestion to uninstall and then use cc cleaner, although that might just be if you are using the calendar

Edit: Choosing file -> exit seems to function ok now.  Very strange since I didn't do anything to fix it.


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