"Net Worth Over Time" bug in QM2018

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Bug Quicken Deluxe Canada 2018, Mac version - Version 5.6.3 (Build 56.22447.100)

Under Reports > Net Worth Over Time, changing the drop down menu from Canadian Dollars to US Dollars does not change the graph or table values. Seems like it only shows Canadian accounts. In Customized Report, I've verified "Include transaction from any account" is checked.

Also I want an "All" option to combine my Canadian accounts and US accounts together, and show me a final Net Worth that agrees with the NW value on the Accounts Sidebar.

This is what I had in Quicken 2015, Windows version :(


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    For the first part, the bug appears to be in Customization -- "Include transaction from any account". If you add the accounts manually from the second radio button, then it works as expected. Select all your accounts and then when you go between the currencies, it will only show the accounts for that currency.

    For the second part, I don't think you can amalgamate your accounts in various currencies. I have CAD, USD, and MXN accounts and I have to look at each individually and then do the math myself to see where I stand overall as compared to the amount in the sidebar.
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    QM2018 does not have true multi-currency support. You can only see the converted value to your base currency in the sidebar but nowhere else. Reports and Investments still do not handle multiple currencies. 

     You can add your VOTE to Add true multi-currency conversion support.

    First, click on the underlined link above to go there, then click VOTE at the top of THAT page, so your will vote count for THIS feature and increase its visibility to the developers by seeking to have the features you need or desire end up in the latest version.

    While you are at it, you may want to add your VOTE to related IDEAS found on the 
    Click on each underlined link, then follow the instructions to add your vote to more related ideas. Your VOTES matter!

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    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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    I earn money in one currency, spend it in another, and pay taxes in a third. I've literally tried every Mac personal finance app out there and Quicken for Mac 2018 is the only one that comes close to having the multicurrency support I want and need. I don't want an app that makes currency conversions automatically when the actual conversion rates depend on who is making it and the date. I am very happy to have all my accounts in all currencies in one file that can recognise money being moved between accounts of different currencies without linking these transactions or removing the ability to use the exchange rate I want. I would not support any of the changes being proposed as this would make Quicken as useless for me as all the other apps that claim to have multicurrency support but which do not have the flexibility I need.
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