Enhance Asset Accounts to associate and save Attachments

It would be valuable to be able to associate Attachments with Asset (or Liability) accounts, similar to what is currently done with transactions. Documents such as Titles or Deeds, for example, would be valuable to record with the Asset.

It would be worthwhile to expand the topics covered for Asset and Liability accounts in on-line help, to include things like recording Asset disposal or adjusting the Asset value.
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    But, the purchase of the asset, which would result in the title or deed, is recorded in Q as a transaction in that asset account ... so why can't you attach the document to THAT transaction?
    And, BTW, there's no way to view such attachments other than thru Quicken.  SO, I'd suggest that you look for document manager software outside of Quicken.
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    True, in part. A Title or a Deed, however, is more properly a characteristic of the Asset itself---the transaction is just what originates such a legal aspect of the Asset. Similar for mortgages, loan obligations, and other Liability items. 
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    Actually, what usually differentiates many Assets or Liabilities (particularly those worth setting up as such) from run-of-the-mill transactions is the existence of a Title, Deed, Lien, Note, or similar documentation worthy of recording.
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