Provide enhancement for setting a default tax lot method for security sales!

I use Quicken extensively to track my investments (four brokerage firms, seventeen accounts). Two of my accounts are equity SMAs (separately managed accounts) that trade actively. It is a cosmic pain to have to select tax lot treatment for every sale. The brokerage firm uses FIFO and I can't report it otherwise on my taxes. It's four mouse clicks for every sale, and when the portfolio manager does a major rebalancing, it could be dozens of trades.

Quicken should add a feature to enable us to select a default tax lot method on every account, including an "ask me" option. I guarantee the "ask me" option (right now, the only choice available) would be used by very few customers.
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    edited July 2018
    While I don't dispute the wisdom and value of your idea, which has been suggested a multitude of times, you can ease your current burden by clicking the OK on the initial problematic prompt. Quicken will go ahead and use FIFO as a default basis. It can be one extra click for you, rather than four.
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