Home Inventory, Address Book and Emergency Records modernization

It seems that the Home Inventory, Address Book and Emergency Records features have been treated as afterthoughts, but I think they could and should be updated and better integrated into the program. For example, it would be great to have the home inventory interface upgraded and modernized (it currently looks like Windows 95-98 vintage) and tied to an asset account. 
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    From C. D. Bales:

    " ... it would be great to have the home inventory ... tied to an asset account".

    The ability to have your home inventory tied to a Quicken asset account is already present (to my knowledge, it's always been there).

    With Home Inventory (QHI.EXE) running: File > Update Quicken, will update the balance of the Quicken Asset account, "Home Inventory" (creating the account, if necessary).

    And I don't think the features you refer to are treated as "afterthoughts" by Quicken. I think they're treated as features whose modernization would not be cost effective. Something like: "too much work, for too little gain".
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    My hope is that perhaps the new owners of Quicken will see potential value in these features and update them accordingly. I see that you are correct about the Home Inventory being tied to an asset account, which is great, but why not have the ability to upload photos and receipts, which are generally required in the case of an insurance claim, into the Home Inventory, eliminating the need to search elsewhere for the receipt? The interface could also be easily updated instead of harking back to Windows 95 and 800x600 resolution.

    Intuit dropped the ball and left a lot of things hanging out to dry. The new ownership has an opportunity to shine by recognizing that and correcting past oversights, making the entire package an enjoyable, seamless user experience.
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    the new ownership of Quicken seems to have plenty of problems just keeping the simple checkbook function working, judging from the problems email, why add more complications?
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