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I have been using Quicken for 25 years. It worked great when we owned a business and had to keep track of income and expenses and pay business and sales-and-use taxes. We are now retired, on a fixed income, and file EZ tax forms. I still like using Quicken to keep track of my spending. My complaint is that Quicken requires me to upgrade my software every couple of years. The software is expensive and includes things I don't need or use. I tried using the "Basic" version, but it did not work with my previous versions so I was required to pay for the "Deluxe" version. 

My suggestion: Could you please develop a "Senior Basic" version that would still work with my bank and credit cards, would be upgradeable, and would be reasonably priced.
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  • QPWQPW Member ✭✭✭✭
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    In the past, Quicken 2017 and earlier, Quicken Starter would refuse to read any data file that had account types in it that it didn't support.

    Starting with Quicken 2018 that has changed.  It will read in such a data file, but make account types it doesn't support read-only.

    Note that Quicken 2018 is a subscription based purchase.  Which means you pay every year or two depending on the subscription you purchase.  One year is from Quicken Inc, and retailers tend to sell the two year subscription.

    If you do go with Quicken 2018 Starter be sure to check out the limitations, especially for the account types supported.


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    Have you shopped around the Internet? There are always better priced offers, with subscription durations up to 27 months available, for a better price than "list price" at Quicken for around $50.00 (not considering a current offer for $45 for 1 year and maybe even a 2-year subscription with a significant discount).
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    P.S.  I was just reminded of another limitation of Quicken 2018 Starter.  If you let the subscription lapse Quicken 2018 Starter makes everything read-only.  With Deluxe and above you can enter transactions manually.

    Even though I get that money is tight, I personally really don't see the benefit of Starter over Deluxe given that the price difference is about $10 a year.
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