Invest-Portfolio calendar day increment/decrement buttons

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I would like yesterday/next day buttons over or by the calendar in the Invest-Portfolio view. When I download once a week I want to be able to step back or forwards a day without having to open the calendar or type the number. Simple up/down day buttons would be fine. image


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    Just like with any other Date field in Quicken, click the field so that the month - portion of the field is highlighted. Now press the "+" or "-" keys on the keyboard or numeric keypad to increment or decrement the date by one day.
    Other Date shortcuts
    To switch to Press
    Today t
    First day of this month m
    Last day of this month h
    First day of this year y
    Last day of this year r
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    That is better than opening the calendar and making a selection -  it takes two presses to update the window, +/- and enter, but it works.Thanks
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