Reports settings and column widths

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Quicken Home & Business 2018, Version R4.4, Build, Edition Canada

After creating a report and resizing columns so I see detail how I want, if I view/edit any transaction in a/the register(s) and return to the report, I have to resize the columns again in order to see the detail how I want. Why are the column settings not retained? I don't close the report, it just minimizes when I double-click a transaction to go to the register and then I restore it after reviewing/making changes. How is it that Quicken knows better than me what column width I want?


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    I also have the same problem, my older saved reports retain column widths, but not a new one. Any suggestions?

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    I just sent this to Quicken Help "Report a problem" - doubt it will make a difference, but at least I got it off my chest....

    "I add my vote to the many, MANY requests (demands?) that Report column widths remain as we set them, rather than shrinking back to arbitrary defaults every time something changes in a report.  This failure has annoyed me for years, but I'm finally so fed up that I can no longer stay silent.  This capability should be an intuitive no-brainer, and I am floored that it has yet to be addressed.  I find it truly hard to believe that those who create and test the program haven't experienced this as a major problem/annoyance/frustration.  PLEASE address this by moving it to the top of your priority list. "   
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