QMac feature request: When prompted to "create" a hidden payee, unhide the payee

When entering a manual transaction and I type in the name of a hidden Payee, I am given the option to Create the Payee.  When I select the Create "payee" option, I think the hidden Payee should be changed to an unhidden Payee.  Or the options should read "Unhide payee" instead of Create payee.  

Otherwise I am led to believe I have created a payee, but next time I enter the same name, I am prompted to create it again.  This means every time I choose "Create payee", I have to check the Payee list to see if there is an existing one that is hidden.

Version 5.7.2 (Build 57.23252.100)
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This behavior does not occur in the subscription version of Mac


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    Good catch!

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