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Windows 2018 version looks for and tries to install software updates prior to starting the application.  This behavior does not allow preview of the release notes for the update, nor give opportunity to back up files, settings, etc. prior to applying the update -- which is against software update best practices of backing up all data prior to updating any application.

Suggested Improvement: After application starts, check for update and notify that update is available. 

Acceptable solution: Allow to update now or update later on pop-up to allow user to do backups prior to accepting update.  Pop-up should appear at each startup to encourage application by user to stop the pop-ups.

Impressive/Awesome solution: Build in ability to select an option to install that backs up all data prior to installation of software update
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This has been implemented as of Version R12.15. Improved: In addition to your backup settings, data files are now automatically backed up each time you update Quicken to the latest version.


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    While you are awaiting implementation of your suggestion, you can block the auto application of patches by setting Windows User Access Control to a level that will prompt you before installing program updates.

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    While you are awaiting implementation of your suggestion, you can block the auto application of patches by setting Windows User Access Control to a level that will prompt you before installing program updates.

    That is correct.  My present procedure is 1) Start Quicken, 2) deny access to the upgrade application, 3) allow Quicken to start, 4) back up files, 5) close Quicken, 6) Open Quicken, 7) allow UAC to do the upgrade, 8) continue to Quicken.
  • I have been a Quicken user since 1983 and it has performed nearly flawlessly for decades, even Microsoft doesn’t have this kind of track record. It is by any standard, one of the best written and maintained applications on the market. So rarely are there problems but when they do occur, they tend to be real whoppers. That said, support is a different question. Most of the time you get a support person who is on their game, occasionally you don’t and when you do, without so much as a word, they’ll simply hang up on you. You can be civil, provide knowledgeable details which are to the point and pertinent, be patient and cooperative, never complain or make unnecessary derogative remarks, none the less; you get flushed to a dial tone.

    In the thirty plus years I’ve been a customer, I’ve only called for support four times, but after Intuit sold Quicken, inevitably in getting a problem solved, at least once I’ll get a support person who hangs up on me. Consequently, I’ve never called support and gotten a problem solved. I’ve always ended up, cleaning up the mess on my own, through years of disciplined effort at keeping backups and secondary records.

    On Oct 22 2019, I called for the fifth time and once again, support could not help although it was not supports fault; the technology would not allow sharing my desktop on two different computers. Trying to support someone via texting is like a blind man trying to grope and elephant. None-the-less, in my attempts at changing computers and calling back, I inevitably get that one support person who hangs on you. I assume they see a type of problem they can’t handle and hitting the flush handle is an option that Quicken management does not monitor.

    With thirty years of IT experience, including working the help desk, I think of the users first. So this post is made with that thought in mind.

    Two computers involved. 1st was a notepad, Windows 10-1903, 2nd was a desktop Windows 7x64. On the 1st computer an update was applied on launching Quicken Home and Business 2019. On one of the accts, a credit card acct, 37 transactions came in with no dollar amount, some were listed as transfers. 37 was a suspicious number since I don’t make but 2-3 charges a week at best and I had reconciled just a week earlier, so I knew I had a problem. Each was requesting an account in the category column. When I would try to enter a category for an expense, it would not allow this and kept suggesting accts rather than categories.

    Since I was unable to share my desktop with support I moved to the 2nd computer and again an update was applied on launching Quicken. When I opened the same data file that was used with computer #1, on the same credit card account, the 37 transactions with no dollar amount were gone. The only transactions which remained were those with a dollar amount. I was able to reconcile the account and balance with the provider.

    Fearing the data file might be corrupted; I restored a data file on computer #2, from the last backup and downloaded transactions again. This time the transactions came in correctly and all accounts reconciled without difficulties. Apparently the problem was either transitory, a real possibility, or it only occurred with the Windows 10-1903 version.

    In the four previous times I called support; it has always been after an update was applied and always because the data was corrupted in some manner. For that reason I would like to suggest this. When updates are pushed to clients, before the update is applied, give users the option to make a backup of the data file before applying the update. So if an update is going to create a problem, a good and up to date data file has been backed up. This might save on support calls, and certainly save creating angry customers who call in for support.
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    Hi @StuckIn70s ,

    See this FAQ:  https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7862063/information-post-installing-product-updates-for-quicken-for-windows/p1?new=1

    I always do a Manual Backup after making changes in the Data File, and before I close Quicken.
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    Take a look in your /Backup/ folder -
    for me, there appears to be a special backup when Quicken updates are applied -

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    Hello All,

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    Can't this be considered implemented already?
    I've seen Quicken create a special Automatic Backup before software updates:

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