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One Step Update has been failing to update my Quicken Cloud data for some time now, which prevented my Quicken Mobile App (both Android and iOS) from working. When I discovered that, I went to the "Mobile & Alerts" tab and clicked [Sync Now], which got the cloud data updated and my Mobile Apps working again.
This was a successful but unsatisfying workaround.
Now the MANUAL sync is failing with error message: [The desktop transaction in "xxxxx" on "07/18/2018" for $-106.52 was not synced. The referenced resource (parameter=splititem.id, id=nnnnn) does not exist.]
This refers to a transaction I updated by adding a couple split lines and modifying a couple already existing split lines in the 07/18/2018 transaction.
These FAILURES and the "Mouse Focus/Snap To" debacle are quickly eroding my faith in the trustworthiness of Quicken and its developers/designers/leaders.

Current Quicken version R11.18





  • UKRUKR SuperUser
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    Locate the transaction in your Quicken desktop account register. Delete it. Reenter it.
    Something in the split transaction appears to have gotten damaged, causing Sync to trip over it.
    Afterwards reset Sync so that a new file is uploaded to the server, to sync to your mobile app.
  • John FJohn F Member
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    Thank you UKR for your recommendation.
    I understand and can certainly recreate that entry.

    I'm concerned that my situation is more damaged than just that entry.
    My [Mobile & Alerts] tab shows that my Cloud account exists, but my Preferences do not show Reset options in [Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts - Mobile and Alerts]. I read in another thread that the connection needs to be reestablished before I can "reset Sync", as you advised.

    Another of my posts, about failures of One Step Update in R11.16, may be evidence that Quicken has caused more damage (to my data file?) than I can see. I was able to change to my other desktop machine that had not yet updated to R11.16 (staged update withdrawn due to many problems) from R10.11 (now R11.18), but the connection to my Quicken Cloud service may have already been broken.

  • John FJohn F Member
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    By adding and deleting an additional cloud account, I've managed to get my Quicken Mobile - One Step Update working again, but now I get "Errors during Quicken Cloud sync." in the "Services updated:" section.
    I tried looking into the "Cloud Sync Log" for some clue to what failed, but it's 3.62MB and a search for "Error" in it finds nothing.

    I can run "Sync Now" in the "Mobile & Alerts" tab without errors.

    The split lines in my "07/18/2018" transaction for $-106.52 in my first post is correct now, so I don't know where to look to solve this new failure.


  • John C. BalchJohn C. Balch Member
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    I have been having similar issues, however I am unable to locate the referenced transactions.  I have no transactions from the date or near the date with those dollar amounts. It refers to "Tax-Deductible Mileage", which is an item that I have never used.  The other day after I created a new account, it showed the same dollar amounts and dates with the new account which did not even exist or have any transactions on the date of 04/08/2018.  I have included the screen shots.
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    I tried the reset on the sync, it did not work.  Errors still appeared.

    I did find another way to finally eliminate the errors that have been appearing for the last several weeks though.

    Go to the "Mobile & Alerts" screen and open the preference screen.  Click on "Sign in as a different user"  You will have to type "yes" to confirm and it will warn you that your sync settings will be deleted, click to confirm and let it delete the sync settings.

    Once the log out is complete, Quicken will display a message telling you that your subscription has expired, don't worry, it hasn't.  Click on "renew" and then click on the sign in with existing id.  Enter your Quicken ID and password.

    After it reopens, if you use the password vault, enter your password and let it update.  When the update finishes, go back to the "Mobile & Alerts" screen and setup your mobile sync again.  It will create a new sync profile, it will take a few minutes, depending on the number of transactions in your file.

    Have clicked on the sync button a few times and so far, the errors have not reappeared.
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