Setting up Quicken to Pay Bills via "Sending Online Payment"

I have 2 checking accounts. Both accounts are with Bank of America. For one of my accounts, I can go to the online payee list under tools, add a new payee and then send the payee checks via the "send Online payment" option in the check register. After I write the check\payment, I synch up via the online center and the payee is usually paid within 3 - 5 days. I have been using this approach for years. I set up the other banking account a few months ago and I cannot send electronic funds in the same way. When I go to "online payees" under tools, "online payees" is greyed out and I cannot set up a payee. Why does the feature work with my older checking account and not the newer account?


  • Rick GumpertzRick Gumpertz Member
    edited August 2018
    Bank of America used to support Direct Connect as standard.  Some time ago, they discontinued allowing new accounts to use Direct Connect but grandfathered in old accounts already set up for Direct Connect.  All newly connected accounts must use Express Web Connect.

    DC is bidirectional and allows for payments to be scheduled directly with the Financial Institution.  EWC does not make provision for sending payments (though you might use Quicken Bill Pay.),

    Complain to BofA.  Maybe they can be convinced to reverse their annoying decision (but I'm not hopeful).
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