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I have a credit card that I pay off in full every month thereby avoiding interest charges. I am using the same card every month to pay a couple of small bills in order to gain its rewards. The problem is that the Projected Balances graph shows an Informational Warning (yellow triangle with exclamation point) when the credit card balance goes below $0 since it gets paid off in full each month and then gets used again. I believe this condition should only apply to debit accounts as opposed to credit cards and since we can specify the type of account in the program the modification could be rather simple. Besides, credit cards would generally never have a positive value for the respective graph. If anyone knows of a setting in the application to make the change for the aforementioned please let me know.
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Projected Balances offers a "Multiple Accounts" option that allows Users to pick and choose which accounts to include in the Projected Balance graph, allowing Credit Card accounts to be exempted from the projections.


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    Are you talking about the yellow triangle popping up like this?

    It does that whenever an account goes below zero.
    For me it does that with seldom used credit card accounts that currently are at $0.00 when the first purchase transaction is recorded.

    I concur, this warning is not needed for credit card accounts. Their sole purpose in life is to have a negative balance.

    Perhaps the Quicken programmers could add some logic to not flag a credit card account dipping below zero.
    OTOH, if the code does not already exist, a warning flag for approaching or going below the credit card's credit limit would be nice to have ...
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