Posters - A person or Persons are spoofing the Identities of Legitimate Posters asking you to Contac

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their Technician at a certain number. If you receive an Email from Get Satisfaction / Quicken, click on Reply. If you don't see the post, for you to Reply to the post, then it was Spam that was removed by the Monitors and that Email should be deleted from your Inbox.
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    Hey..the reply button worked.... :-) . Guess you are legit....:-)
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    Just remember: If you do contact someone and they charge you money ... hang up! They are NOT Quicken Support from Quicken, Inc.

    Quicken Support:

    • To contact Quicken Support,
      please use this link only:  and select Chat or Phone support
    • If you are eligible for
      Premium Support (purchased separately or included as part of your
      subscription to Quicken 2018 Premier or above) call the number that can be
      found at the top of your My Account page at  (US) or (Canada) next to
      "Quicken Premium Support" 
      when you log in with your Quicken ID.
    • Other links or phone numbers
      found elsewhere on the Internet, even in some posts here in the Community,
      may not be from Quicken or may not be up-to-date. Use those at your own
    • Unlike other so-called
      "Quicken support providers", the real Quicken Support is free
      for all currently supported versions.

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    ALSO, notice how for "the creator", UKR and I, our "SuperUser" titles are in black ... as are the titles for all of the other TRUE SuperUsers and the Quicken Moderators/employees, etc.

    The scammers will have their SuperUser title in blue ... the same as everyone's User ID.
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    Also read this:

    As mentioned, the only place to reach FREE Quicken support is via chat or phone here:

    There are also 2 more official Quicken #'s:
    For non-premium memberships: 1-888-311-7276
    For premium memberships, you have to look up the number in your account. This will give you front-of-the-line service (using same reps).

    (If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.)

    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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