Scheduled transactions should have the option of appearing automatically in the budget

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I presented this idea previously and I believe it was merged somewhat incorrectly with another thread. My suggestion is to provide the option for scheduled transactions to appear automatically in the budget in QMac. 
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    Here is some of your original text:

    "It would be super helpful if scheduled transactions (including transfers) could automatically appear in the budget - or at least give the option to do so. This was a standard feature in Microsoft Money and it was sooo great. I hope Quicken will implement this soon!"

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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Moving to Merge.

    Quick plug, I'd like to see Scheduled Income shown on the Budget tab. Example...


    More importantly, though, one idea for including Transfers on the Budget tab: Simply use Excel-style, classic conditional formatting rules. Allow users to create custom entries for the Budget. Name: "Savings Transfers", Accounts from (Select all that apply): "BoA Checking", Accounts to (Select all that apply): "BoA Family Savings", Additional Filters: "Tag = " or "Payee Includes = ", etc., etc. 


    Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Add Ability to Include or Exclude Transfers on Budgets in Quicken for Mac.
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