Request for Enhancement on Budget (Mac version) - Summarized running Cashflow

I am currently using a spreadsheet to do this, which is very undesirable. It would be extremely helpful to include this just below the Monthly "Difference" row in the budget tool. Below the Budget Difference, include a running tally of planned cashflow. 
i.e. if January finishes +300, but February finishes -500, then at the end of February, estimated cashflow is -200. A tally like this running through the year can help immensely with budget planning. 

In the attached example I happen to have that line item listed as "reserve" and it is above the summaries, but below would probably make more sense within the product. The usefulness here is that while my end of year numbers are positive in relation to income vs expenses, I have a month by month difference but no running total of when I go negative and then come positive again.

But if that can't be done, an export of the budget, with formulas included would go a long way too, for totaling by month, etc. Right now after I export the budget I then need to manually go in and replace the totals with computed formulas to do the planning.
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