QCleanUI procedure is wrong and outdated

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The QCleanUI procedure:

is wrong and out of date.

It is wrong because it recommends uninstalling the current version before starting.
It shouldn't because MSIClean will do the same install and remove more registry keys.
If you do the regular uninstall first the main keys for the application are removed and MSIClean will have nothing to start with, and do nothing.  That is why you get the warning that it can't find the current version.

Instead it should just say run QCleanUI. And it says anything about that warning it should be that it means the regular uninstall has already been done and it is probably OK to go on.

Also the article refers to Intuit directories when it should now be referring to Quicken ones (or both given that you still have to support older versions that might still put in the Intuit directory).

The current Quicken directories that need to be uninstalled are:

Note this really just the website, but affects both the US and Canadian versions of Quicken Windows.


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