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  • Rob BarkerRob Barker Member
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    Terry said:

    I have the same problem I had with Quicken Premier 2018 for Win as I do now with 2019 version.  When open my Account List it fills my screen even if I adjust it, close it and restart the program.  If I do anything in my Accounts Lists it freezes.  Any thoughts from any body? Or should we ask the Quicken tech guys to take a look at it.  So far this is the only problem I have found with the new version.


    what is your HDD configuration? moving my data file off of an Intel RST Raid array not only solved the problem but I can easily recreated by switching back and forth between the HDD Raid D: drive and my SSD C: drive.   Beginning to think the problem is somewhere between Windows 10 and Intel RST, as I've had the occasional not responding by *other* apps loading files from the RST drives...
  • I posted previously and have found the following to help with the extremely long transaction entering/editing times.

    In the following thread user UKR recommends a validation and repair procedure (making a copy of your Quicken file then running a validation and repair procedure on that copy to identify issues, and if like me likely needing some manual corrections).  Following are my comments and related thoughts:


    I have now done this twice (onto my 3rd time now) and each time it has yielded significant improvements with transaction edit/entry times from8-10 seconds back down to a second or less.  Also dramatically improved load times.  However... this is temporary.  Give it another few weeks and I am having to do this all over, often with new errors identified that were not listed as errors previously.  So... I view this as a temporary band-aid but there still seems to be some sort of issue with Quicken in how it is managing and working with what it considers to be data errors or entry issues.  The errors being found are from years ago, and were never a problem for prior versions of Quicken.  Therefore I feel quite strong is saying this is NOT a data error or Quicken file error but is a DEFECT in the Quicken software itself -- either creating errors that didn't exist before or (my guess) it has become next-level crappy sensitive in how it handles them and needs to revert back to prior methods.

    Best of luck to everyone until Quicken developer team pulls their head out of the sand (or elsewhere) regarding this problem.  Until then, I highly recommend running the effective but time consuming and annoying process listed above and see if this works for you.
  • ken jacobsken jacobs Member ✭✭
    Ok, this may or may not be YOUR problem, but here's what happened to me.  I'm on Quicken 2019 Home, Bus, Rental, R18.5, build  Terribly slow.

    Turns out I had an open report that included many, many transactions.   Every time a change was made, Quicken had to update the report.  I closed that report, and voila!  Everything is back to normal. 

    Hope this helps someone!
  • DouglasBDouglasB Windows Beta ✭✭
    Pretty sure this is related to the GPU in some way, but I think it's more an issue with Quicken and the way it does thing than an insufficient GPU.  Try the following:
    • Edit -> Preferences
    • Navigation
    • Check "Use classic menus"
    • Uncheck "Show Tabs"
    I, too, prefer the tabs, but every time I have gotten the slow, slow, slow performance, making this adjustment speeds it up dramatically - no program restart.

    My suspicion is an error in the logic for window redraws in quicken causing it to unduly thrash and thus slow down into a very bad state.
  • Ralph AlterRalph Alter Member ✭✭
    My situation is similar to that complained of here by others. But I DO NOT see the Q2019 performance as WORSE than it was previously. Just similarly slow. No less than about 6 seconds to do the simplest single transaction update, but in many cases longer than 10-12. Adding some innocuous text into a single investment account transaction record takes 14 seconds. I do have one account with 14022 transactions. Total file size appears to be about 192 MB. Some transactions date back at least to 1971, although those early dated ones were certainly entered retroactively no earlier than perhaps the late 1980's (When did the first versions of Quicken appear?).

    I just upgraded from Q2016 H&B to Q2019 HB&RP. Run only local to the extent I can. No automatic transaction acceptance after downloading. All online access from Quicken is via Direct Connect. As little Quicken  cloud access as I can figure out how to use. No multiple platforms or syncing between multiple sites. No use of Quicken on the web.  I will try the complex process listed in this thread of copying/validating, and see if I can gain any speed improvements, even temporarily. When I report further details I'll include as much of the requested configuration and environment data as I can find. Any other suggestions in the interim are welcome.

  • Rocket J SquirrelRocket J Squirrel SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    I will try the complex process listed in this thread of copying/validating, and see if I can gain any speed improvements, even temporarily. When I report further details I'll include as much of the requested configuration and environment data as I can find. Any other suggestions in the interim are welcome.
    The Copy/Validate process is not complex. It's two steps. The validation & repair can take some time, and may display "(Not responding)" in the window header, but don't kill the task, just wait for it to finish.
    The other thing you can try is the new "Archive Transactions" operation available in the gear menu of investment accounts. This moves transactions involving securities you no longer hold out of the active account and into an archive account, hopefully improving performance in the active account.
    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Premier Subscription on Win10 Pro.
  • joefrontierjoefrontier Member
    I'm going to have side with DouglasB as it appears to be GPU related.   With that said, I have been a Quicken user since 1998 or so.   I have transactions dating back to then and like with everyone else in this thread opening, resizing, or updating the Window is dog slow.  Read all the previous posts and tried the clean and sanitize techniques too.

    I had hoped that the new owners would help fix A LOT of issues in this program but it seems that the issues (below) still exist and don't get attention.   With the subscription requirement it's two stars.  My subscription should be addressing theses! 

    Copy and Paste Transactions
    Hover over chart amounts disappear quick
    Investing Transaction Controls
    Lack of adding others with Credit Score Tracking.

  • joefrontierjoefrontier Member
    2019 R18.16   Build

    This builds appears to be quicker when putting in transactions.   Does anyone else feel this is accurate?
  • mjtraharmjtrahar Member
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    My quicken 2019 is almost unusable it is so slow it's almost dead. Trying to enter a scheduled bill can take 3-4 minutes. A standard typed entry is like wading through molases. 
    In answer to your question above
    Copy Quicken fails.
    My largest file has 2606 entries. All others are below 500 entries. That said I have about 28 different accounts/ files

    [photo redacted]

    No cloud programs are running.
    Quicken file name is - My Quicken Data 4 21 2019
    My patch version is R18.16
    Attached (I hope this is the right one) is the copy of my Quicken info.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Hi All.
    Possible answer to my particular extreme slowdown issue. I remembered using Windows 98SE and that if things got too bad you could download and reinstall the latest service patch which would often solve many problems. I just did that with the latest Quicken Mondo patch and my time entering a transaction from the Bill & Income went from a bit over 3 1/2 minutes to a much more acceptable 26 - 48 seconds. It's still slower than I'd like but if it gets no worse I can live with this still low level of performance.
    One odd thing among many with the quicken family, when I started the install of the Mondo patch it said Quicken was at version 1 and it was going to update it to 18.16?

    Thanks for listening and I hope this might help some one else.

  • Steve JonesSteve Jones Member ✭✭
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    I am not alone!  Been a Quicken user since the 90s and this version and the previous 2018 have been much slower in every operation including simply clicking to different tabs or accounts.
    I have done all of the suggested validation and cleanup procedures. There were no errors detected in the file. There were some QEF files that were cleaned up however no difference in performance. I do not use the cloud for backup and in fact Quicken is installed and its data files are running on a 512 SSD along with the Win7 x64 operating system.  ALL and I mean ALL other application I own run very fast including loading times.  This and the previous (2018 Premier) versions have run slowly.  In fact I had a problem with Quick app hangs (indefinite) if I clicked on Bill Pay tab, the newly designed Bill Pay tab from previous versions.  The only fix was to completely recreate the data file starting with a brand new one created in Quicken Premier 2018.  I called 2 times talking to Quicken "technical support" (term used very loosely). The first was useless and kept blaming my bank. Absurd!  The second I was pissy and got more support that time. It was suggested to re-build my data file due to your inferior data update processor going from the previous non-subscription version (2015) to 2018 Premier.  I did the typical 3 year upgrade to keep bill pay.

    Current QDF file: 44.3MB
    I am using a year-end file created in Jan of this year. Notice very few transactions with any of the accounts.  The largest amount is my main checking. 

    Using the most current version.

    PC: Alienware m18x R2 Gaming Laptop. 12GBRam, NVidia 780M 4GB VRAM. 4 core CPU with 8 threads (4 hyper-threads)

    This is a gaming laptop that runs very current games faster than this office application!

    Since the ownership change this product has gone down hill. If there was a viable alternative I would switch in a heartbeat.  Being a professional software developer this application would never make it out of Q&A frankly. The current owners of Quicken apparently do not have a similar view regarding the integrity of their product.

    To sum up my PC is fast and very capable to run this inferior product. My quicken data file is small, contains no errors even after SuperValidate, has a tiny amount of transactions.  I've  12 bill reminders.

    Now then, enough blaming your customers! Fix your product!


  • UKRUKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Those of you who are on Quicken 2019 at a release level greater than R 15.xx and who have a problem with File / Copy resulting in error "File not copied":
    There's a new error bypass procedure, documented in Step (2) of Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems
    Run the complete Copy + Validate + Supervalidate procedure. If Copy fails, repeat it using the bypass procedure, then proceed with Validate and Supervalidate.
    Quicken tells me that this procedure was added as part of the Q 2019 R 15 release fixes and should help solve some of these issues.
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