Please enable touch ID in quicken for Mac (6 Merged Votes)

Rich Cook
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I think the subject says it all.  Quicken team, can I use the Touch ID feature on my MacBook Pro?  Thanks.  
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  • Unknown
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Feature Request - Quicken for Mac - Touch ID.

    It sure would be great to have Touch ID support for the Quicken for Mac app running on compatible MacBook Pros! I use a long password for good security and would love to just be able to sign in with my finger.
  • treverw
    treverw Mac Beta Beta
    Please enable TouchID on MacBook Pro to unlock quicken files that have a password on them.
  • I got in that way, so it must be fixed!
  • carlE
    carlE Member
    Please add this feature for Touch ID fingerprint recognition to Quicken for Mac. Touch ID has been out for over a year now and Quicken still hasn't caught up!! I have pain in my hands so I need to limit my typing but a password is not something that I can voice.
  • jeff916
    jeff916 Member
    would sure be nice to have Touch ID on the Mac OS platform.
  • Don Eby
    Don Eby Member
    Why is this taking s olong to implement for Mac computer users? Please put some emphasis on this much requested upgrade.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    Don Eby said:
     this much requested upgrade.
    "much requested" and it has only received 8 votes in a 20 months??
    I don't understand.

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    JTBNYC Member
    please activate touch id for mac!
  • SFmorf
    SFmorf Member
    Enabling Touch ID on the Mac would improve security and convenience. Please add this soon....
  • bullbeast
    bullbeast Member
    Is this being worked on by the Quicken team? It would be great to this feature. Thanks
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