find function not working properly.

I tried to search the register for entries less than a fixed amount and it returns all register entries regardless of amount.  Anyone else experience this? My quicken version is R14.23  Build


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    To be able to give
    you a correct answer, we need to know what version, feature level and release
    of Quicken you are using.  An answer
    given for one product may not apply to the other.

    Which version of Quicken do you have: Quicken Mac or Quicken for Windows? US or
    Canadian version?

    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to determine
    year/version, feature level (edition) and release and tell us what it

    What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?

    Did you use Edit / Find to perform this search?
    What exact settings in the Find popup window did you specify?
    And what exactly are you looking to find? For example, all withdrawals between 50.00 and 0.00
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    Quicken Premier for Windows. 
    US version.
    Version R14.23
    There was no feature level or release listed in the About Quicken window.
    I am running Windows 10

    I think I figured it out..... I am using Find (ctrl F) in a credit charge account or in a checking register to look for charges or checks less than a certain amount.  What "find" looks for is an "amount" parameter. There is no specific find specification for the "charge" or "payment" fields.  What the programming geniuses do not explain is that they consider a payment or a charge as a negative number.  This explains why my "find" attempts did not work.  It also points out serious limitations in the find function that render it useless for this type of search.

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    I leave it up to the "programming geniuses" to respond to that one.
    IMHO, there's room for improvement.

    In a round-about way, you can achieve what you're looking for ...
    Do a Find on Find Amount less 0 and click Find All
    Sort the results by Amount and scroll until you find what you're looking for.

    This "Find" is a "Global Find" across all account registers and can be slow to respond, depending on the number of transactions in your file.

    If you know which account register the transaction(s) are in, simply sort this account register by "Charge" in ascending order (you may have to click the Charge column header twice) and then scroll until you find the desired range of transaction amounts.
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    I think maybe you figured out that the find "less than" function is useless. There is no option in quicken to search between two numbers (such as between 0.00 and 50.00).   The "less than" search would only work in a logical manner if it was written to search on absolute values. That way it would stop at zero rather than going to -infinity and returning everything in the register.  Better yet, why not provide a search for absolute values within a specified range?

    Note: IMHO...absolute value searches make more sense because that is what is displayed in the register.
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