Loan payment missing from register; cannot fix next payment date

I have a loan which has been set-up in Quicken since Sept. 2015.  I make a payment on the first of each month from my bank's bill pay system, and in Quicken I have the scheduled reminder set to automatically enter the transaction into the register on the due date.

When I was reconciling my October statement for the account that it gets paid from, I noticed that the payment was missing from the Quicken register (it was on the bank statement.)  I looked on the "Manage Manual Bills and Income" screen, and the transaction showed it was next due on 11/01.

The first issue is that I have no idea why this transaction was not entered into the register, but the next payment date was bumped to the following month.

The second issue is that I cannot fix the next payment date.  I can edit the reminder, and change the date to 10/01, but when I save the record it just goes back to 11/01 (no error or warning messages are displayed.)

When I first looked at the loan payment schedule, it was showing the 10/01 payment as a future payment (this was in the middle of October.)

I went into the Loan Details screen and re-saved the information, hoping that would fix the issue.  It did not, though it treated it as if it were an interest rate change.  Then I entered the 11/01 payment into the register (which had the correct principle and interest for the October payment), then edited the date from 11/01 to 10/01.  Now when I look at the Payment Schedule, I see this:

So now I've managed to push the 'missing' month from October to November, but cannot get the payment schedule back on track.

So I need to know 1) why was the scheduled payment not entered into the register, and 2) how do I fix this?

I'm on Quicken Premier R14.27 on Windows 10.


  • GeoDoschGeoDosch Member
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    This has now occurred on a second loan.  The situation is the same: the reminder from the loan was set to automatically be entered into the register.  For October, the transaction was not created, but the next payment date was bumped to November.  I entered it into the register and changed the date to October, but now the Payment Scheduled jumps from October to December.

    I did run the file validation prior to first reporting this, and again just now.
  • Bongo63Bongo63 Member
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    I am having a very similar problem, although the payment is NOT entered into the register automatically.  I too have a car loan that was setup in Quicken in 2015, and the payment details/schedule have been working fine with the reminder coming every month on time.  NOW for some reason, the regularly scheduled payment has been pushed THREE months into the future, and all attempts to adjust the payment date, loan details, etc. have not fixed the problem!.  Every time I make the payment manually, it pushes the next reminder another month into the future.  Bottom line is I never get a reminder as Quicken always thinks the next payment is 3 months from now!  C'mon Quicken, this should be an easy fix...!
  • BradBrad Member
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    I am experiencing the same issue. I have a loan, which was setup just a few months ago that now has jumped a month for payment date. It was last paid in November for the Dec payment. The next payment skipped to February,  bypassing January. If i try to edit the next payment date - nothing happens.
  • Andrea SmithAndrea Smith Member
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    *Exactly* the same problem here, although this is with a brand spanking new mortgage.  I mis-typed the "next payment due" date as March instead of February when I set it up, and now it absolutely refuses to be changed back to February. And I'm using most recent version of Quicken Premier! Why has this not been addressed in MONTHS?!
  • Same issue here
  • It has been MONTHS since I reported this VERY CRITICAL issue, and have gone through many updates (I'm currently on R18.14 Build, and yet I have not even seen an acknowledgement of this problem.  I've gotten Quicken program updates where they're tweaking screens and trying to speed up parts, when the ABILITY FOR QUICKEN TO HANDLE A SIMPLE LOAN IS BROKEN!!!!!!  I've been lucky to this point, since some loans withdraw directly from my checking account, but unless I remember to manually make the entry each month (fixing the date that insists on being off by 1 month, no matter how many times I try to edit it) it would be easy to overdraw my account because that payment isn't reflected in the register.

    Can someone from Quicken Support at very least poke their heads in here and let us know that they're aware of the problem?
  • Yesterday I spent over 2-1/2 hours on chat and phone with Quicken support.  They eventually acknowledged that this is a known issue (though I'm not sure if they had already known about it, or if they mean they know it now.)  There is no work-around for it, and it will require a release update for the fix.

    I gave them the link to this thread, and said several times that they really need to post a message letting folks here know that they are aware of the problem and are working on it, though apparently they haven't done that yet.
  • fterwayfterway Member
    Anyone hear of any updates to this?  
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