how can I prevent quicken premier 2016 for Windows from automatically loading latest patch

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I could not get Quicken Premier for Windows 2016 to run after loading the latest patch, even after working with tech support for over an hour.  Finally they gave me an install file for an earlier version (14.1).  After some effort, I finally got it working.  My question is how do I prevent Quicken from automatically installing a patch to a version of Quicken 2016 later than 14.1.  I am running Windows 7.  If I have UAC set to the default level will that prevent Quicken from loading a new patch without getting my permission?  If not, how else can I prevent Quicken from automatically installing updates to Quicken 2016?


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    Jad, you'll want to set Windows User Access Control so it warns you when programs want to make a change to your computer.
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