after backup to external drive quicken reports it cannot close files

i use Quicken backup to an external HD.  Recently, even if I manually initiate the backup, Quicken reports "unable to close files" and "unable to reload current file after copy" .  The program is then in limbo and must be closed.  It does turn out that a valid backup has occurred. 


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    Do you use Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or any other cloud backup or network backup software?
    This error message is caused by one of these programs accessing your active Quicken data file.

    Using Carbonite, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. as the Backup

    (For this
    discussion, Carbonite is assumed to be the backup product in effect. Replace
    "Carbonite" with the name of your backup tool.

    It is also assumed that your Quicken data file is stored in the default (and
    recommended) location


    IMHO, you should
    keep Carbonite (or any other third party backup product which you use) away
    from your live Quicken data file. It may interfere with some Quicken
    operations, especially Manual Backup.

    Instead, configure
    Carbonite to backup either of these files:

    - The backup file created by Quicken Automatic Backup


    - The backup file created by Quicken Manual Backup as you close Quicken.

    Backup settings in
    Quicken are stored in Edit / Preferences / Backup.

    If you choose the
    Automatic Backup file as Carbonite candidate (or even if you don't), activate
    this process and set it to execute every "1" times Quicken closes.
    The Automatic Backup file always goes to a \Backup folder that's part of the
    folder which contains your current Quicken data file, usually

    If you choose the
    Manual Backup file as Carbonite candidate, create a separate

    \Quicken\Carbonite_Backup folder and direct the Manual Backups to go there
    every "1" times Quicken closes. Select the "Add date stamp to
    file name option" so you get multiple backups and not just one that is
    overwritten every time.

    For a belts and
    suspenders approach:

    Automatic Backups go
    to Carbonite, Manual Backups go to a USB stick or external hard drive.

    One can never have
    enough backups of your Quicken data file. BTDTGTS!

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    I use an sd drive on my laptop and a network hard drive alternating between the two.  I do not use any cloud backup.  I started getting these messages after the recent update.  The update validated my files and I have had problems ever since.  Unable to close files, unable to load item file list, unable to reload current file after copy and file not backed up.  Then it wants to backup again.  
  • I am still having this problem.  It now only happens when I backup to the network hard drive.  Should I report it to Quicken?
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    Have you checked that there isn't any cloud backup software actively accessing your current Quicken data file while you are running Quicken? MS One Drive, perhaps? Or any other cloud backup software? Do double-check the configuration of MS One Drive. It's on all systems and it tries to always do its stuff ... unless you configure it properly.
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