Adjustable Budget & Report Date by including a Budget/Report Month for Transactions (Quicken for Mac

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Quick example: I buy a new bed in September for $2K and return the bed in October. I now have a $2K expense in September and a $2K adjustment in October. I do not want to manually adjust the downloaded transactions’ dates, because I want to ensure Quicken’s data still matches my bank’s paper/pdf statements; however, recording these net-zero transactions across two different months decreases the usefulness of my budgeting process.

It would be great if I could adjust the refund transaction to be recorded as a September budget and/or report item.Possible implementation: Provide users with the option to view a new column entitled “Budget & Report Month”. If a date is entered in this block for a specific transaction, it’s respective information will be reflected for budgets and reports with the new date.Another example: How often have we seen a paycheck get deposited in the wrong month, or a monthly bill get processed early? These events result in two transactional occurrences in one month and zero occurrences in the other, inducing an unnecessary budgeting mess.
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    Thanks for posting your suggestion.
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    I was hoping this would have gotten more traction by now. An additional date column specifically for budgeting adjustments would be extremely helpful from my perspective. 
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