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Quicken 2019 problem with Home Inventory Manager.

I have read the conversations around Home Inventory Manager and still have an issue. I have Quicken Premier 2019, version R15.16, Build I can access HMI, but when I try to display a record or save a new item record, the HMI window closes. What am I doing wrong?


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    Have you tried validating your file?

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    I and others have the same problem.  I have had several support chats and calls but so far nothing works.  I even installed Quicken 2019 on a clean laptop and got the same problem.  I was told this is a know issue that is being worked on.  I saw a similar comment on the web where Windows 10 updates around Sept of 2018 may be the problem.  Waiting for an update the fixes the problem.  Let me know if you find a fix or a work-around.
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  • When does Quicken anticipate fixing the Home Inventory problems on 2019 Quicken Premier and when will updates become available?
  • NormNorm Member ✭✭
    I am using Quicken Canada version 2019 R15.24. Every time I try to use HIM as soon as I try to make a new entry or edit an existing gone , HIM closes (crashes).  I validated my files and reinstalled Quicken and the problem didn't go away. Qkn Support confirmed it is a bug but was no help as to when it may be fixed.
    It would be nice if Quicken support or development gave some idea as to when it will be fixed
  • NormNorm Member ✭✭
    I spoke to a Quicken support supervisor May 10, 2019 and the bottom line is. They still include quicken inventory manager as a standalone program within the Quicken package but they no longer support it and there will be no code changes to make it work should it stop working, as it has for many users. I can not understand why they do not remove it and make a clear statement that it is no longer is supported. So one of these days either Quicken or Microsoft wiIl make a change and Qkn inventory will likely stop for good. I found a program called Attic Manager Home Inventory that will import a Quicken QHI.idb file so you can recover your quicken home inventory files. It has most of Qkn inventory features and you can export to an Excel file if you want to do some math on your inventory details.
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