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I used to print checks with no issues.  Then my computer crashed and I had to reload Quicken.  Today I try to print checks and the date and amount will print in numbers but the payee and amount in words does not print.  I contacted support and was told that I needed to update to Quicken 2019 which I did.  Now I have the same issue and the agent told me that I needed to upgrade to deluxe.  Is that true?


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    Any edition of Quicken for Windows (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) supports printing paper checks.

    1) Make sure your printer is set up correctly in Windows with the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website installed.

    2) Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to
    ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly.

    What is the exact
    release number for your version of Quicken?

    If clicking on Help / About Quicken does not show one of the following you are
    missing required software updates and, for older versions, possibly the
    required Intuit ID to Quicken ID conversion:

    Quicken US version:

    2016 ... Release R 18.4 *,

    - 2017 ... Release R 17.4 *,

    -  2018 will be upgraded to 2019 when
    installing the R 14.23 patch released 10/8/2018 or any later patch

    2019 ... Release R 15.18 *,

    Quicken Canada

    2016 ... Release R 7 *,

    - 2017 ... all users should have been updated to 2018 already

    - 2018 ... Release R 12.8 *,

    - 2019 ... not yet available

    ( * minimum required
    release number, may be higher, subject to change without notice)

    Please do this even
    if you are on the latest release already:

    Locate the US or Canada Mondo Patch
    file applicable to your version of Quicken in the links above.

    Download it and save it to disk.

    Open the Downloads folder. Right-click the downloaded patch file. Click
    "Run as Administrator" to execute the installation program.

    This will replace any Quicken software modules with a known consistent release
    level and, hopefully, eliminate any software corruption or errors during
    installation as a cause of this issue.

    Reboot Windows when
    done with the above and try Quicken again.

    3) How to Repair Printer Setup:

    Try resetting your
    printer definitions in Quicken and then redefine the printer:

    For Quicken for
    Windows versions 2009 and older:

    • Close Quicken
    • Use Windows File Explorer to
      locate and rename the file

      C:\Users\_username_\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\Config\WPR.DAT to
    • Now set up your printer
      again, as described below. The WPR.DAT file will be recreated next time
      you start Quicken.

    For Quicken for
    Windows 2010 and newer:

    • Click File / File Operations
      / Validate and Repair. Click "Reset Quicken Printer Settings",
      then click OK.
    • Now set up your printer (see

    Printer Setup (all

    • Close and restart Quicken
      (might not be necessary, but it can't hurt)
    • In Quicken click File /
      Printer Setup / For Printing  and
      visit all selections as needed

      (a) for Reports,

      (b) for Checks,

      (c) for Invoices [Quicken H&B, RPM users only]

      and define your printer.

    If you're printing
    checks, do not forget to select the correct check style.

    • For 3-per-page personal size
      checks choose "Wallet Checks (Check 21 ...)", not "Wallet
      Checks" (unless you still use some very old stock from many years
    • For 3-per-page business size
      checks choose "Standard Checks", not "Voucher Checks".
    • For 1-per-page business size
      checks with 2 stubs choose "Voucher Checks".
    • Canadian users need to choose
      between 2 layout styles, e.g., old style "Voucher" vs. new style
      "Voucher - Image ready".

    Also choose the
    proper features for printing partial pages when using 3-per-page

    Users of continuous forms on dot matrix printers: Be sure to select
    "Continuous Forms" instead of "Page-oriented".

    In some of the newer
    versions of Windows 10 you may also need to do this:

    Go into Windows Settings or Control Panel, Printers & Scanners.

    Uncheck "Let Windows manage my default printer".

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    This solved the problem.  Thank you very much.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Unethical if not immoral.

    I had an older version of Quicken and my computer crashed.  I was able to reload and get my files but checks did not print correctly.  I got an online chat support person who told me my version was not supported.  Understandably - I had the version for a long time so thought it was only fair for me to buy a newer version.  I was disappointed to find that I could not buy a version but had to sign up for a yearly subscription.  Ok - fair enough - I only have only very basic "checkbook" needs so bought the starter version.  I was shocked to find that my checks did not print correctly with the new version - even after all the update were installed.  I got back on line with the same support person.  He told me the the starter version did not support check writing.  I was furious and told him that could not be the case and that I felt he was lying to me. 

    I came to this forum, asked my question, and got an immediate response with the patch to fix the issue.  It all works now but I am shocked that Intuit would let their support people be so unethical.

    Thanks for listening.
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