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Does reviewed Transaction status sync to the mobile app? I didn't notice the 'blue bubbles' next to any of my unreviewed transactions on the Android app but wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something.

My use case:

I have a number of downloaded transactions for which I need to update and correct categories, add some notes, etc.

I was hoping to do some of this on the mobile app while "out and about," but I didn't see a way to a) see which transactions require my attention, and b) update the reviewed status so that the status syncs back to desktop.

Is this currently possible or is this a feature limitation? I'm running Android app v5.6 on Android Pie 9.


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    Transactions that have not been accepted will not be available in mobile.
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    I probably should have specified that I use Quicken for Mac 2019 on desktop, which (as far as I am aware) does not include a feature to "accept" transactions.

    In Quicken for Mac, all newly downloaded transactions go directly onto the transaction register. Therefore, the only way to know whether you have "processed" a transaction (assigned the correct category, added any required notes or tags, etc.) is the blue dot/ball indicating that a transaction is marked for review.

    Are you aware whether those blue dots sync to the mobile app? I hope those aren't specific to the Mac app. According to a Quicken for Mac support article, those blue dots mean that a transaction is "flagged for review."

    At this point, I haven't discovered a way to view transactions which are "flagged for review" in the mobile app, and without that feature, the app fairly useless (for me - I imagine those with different work flows could get use out of it).
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