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Quicken 2019 Canada?

UnknownUnknown Member
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Is it worth downloading the windows 2018 latest version of quicken Canada? I’m just wondering if I should hold off as the US version is 2019 now. Now that it is more web based and subscription based will I be eligible for 2019 Canada upgrade when it comes available for Canada or will I need a new license?


  • UnknownUnknown Member
    edited November 2018
    Quicken Canada is now on subscription.  As long as that subscription doesn't lapse you will always get the latest updates in patches.  Note that for the Canadian version they started using the subscription model starting with Quicken 2017 Canada (The US version started using that model with Quicken 2018 US).
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited November 2018
    Also, just to clarify a misconception: nothing about Quicken now is more web-based than it has been for years. Your data still resides on your desktop computer. You can optionally do certain activities which will move some of your data through Quicken's cloud: downloading transactions via Express Web Connect goes through a Quicken server which aggregates transactions from banks until users log in to download them, and you can use the mobile app or new web interface to access a portion of your data from anywhere if you wish. But the operation of Quicken is still local and not web-based; the change to subscription pricing changes nothing in that regard.

    As @QPW already replied, if you purchase a subscription today, you get the current version and any updates that are released during the term of your subscription. The year numbers on Quicken are basically irrelevant after Quicken 2017; Quicken 2018 became Quicken 2019 because someone in marketing flipped a switch, not because of any major new updates to the program.
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