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I'd like to request a product enhancement for the 401k Employee Contribution Transfer form. I'd like to be able to use it for a Roth 401k in the After-Tax Deduction area of the Paycheck form similar to the one in the Pre-Tax Deduction area. Thanks.
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As of the Windows R49.22 release, this feature is now available. This release will be available to everyone shortly.


  • mshiggins
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    edited December 2018
    I'm not sure I am familiar with the 401k Employee Contribution Transfer form. Can you post a screen capture showing the form? Be sure to redact any personal info.

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  • Unknown
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    As you see this is in the Pre-Tax Deductions area, however, there is not one in the After-Taxes Deduction section. Roth 401ks are After-Tax Deductions.
  • Unknown
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    Picture of the After-Tax Deduction selections.image
  • Unknown
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    When filled in the paycheck shows an Employer Match line item.image
  • SimonSezSo
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    Lloyd Busch
    I had the same issue with my paycheck.  Without a comparable Roth Contribution option in the After-tax section of the paycheck the employer match cannot be calculated.  I got around this by having a zero 401(k) contribution enabled in the Pretax section of the paycheck set up.  Then I used "Other after tax deduction" for the Roth Contribution.  Then it allowed me to put in the appropriate employer match .  The issue with this is that it gets messy with the zero pretax contributions.  You probably can give more details, but I think your idea is a good one, as Roth is getting more popular as time goes by.
  • Unknown
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    edited December 2018
    Yes, I do the same thing but like you say it gets messy. Would be nice if Quicken could enhance this in their product.
  • SimonSezSo
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    edited December 2018

    Yes, I do the same thing but like you say it gets messy. Would be nice if Quicken could enhance this in their product.

    Well I think so too.  You submitted this idea, and hopefully it can be considered.  If more people did what you did, maybe Quicken can become the better product we want it to be.
  • Unknown
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    I just found another dialog that would need adjustment for a ROTH 401k. I a checkbox or radio button set (like the Matching radio button set) could be added for Before Tax / After Tax selection in the Account Details dialog of the Investing Account.
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  • This will be helpful. I can't believe the after-tax 401k deduction isn't incorporated yet. Surely this isn't a unique investment strategy.
  • Doug Giannotti
    Doug Giannotti Windows Beta Beta
    Any update on this, with Roth 401(k) becoming more popular in the workplace this would be really helpful . In addition to this, the ability to track both roth & regular 401K transaction within a single account
  • I also think this is a much-needed improvement. I’m really surprised the option to add an after-tax Roth 401(k) with employer match doesn’t exist yet. 
  • imdcareys
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    I recently converted to Roth and I agree with this request. It's a bit messy to do the Pre-Tax 401(k) as $0 just to get the employer match entered, and then also do an Other After Tax Deduction to get the Contribution Transfer.

    Plus those zero entries in the 401(k) account are confusing. I found myself going through them to see if they were orphaned entries from earlier paychecks that Quicken had deleted after doing a One Step Update. 

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  • mikek753b
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    hi Quicken,

    any updates for this idea and request to support After Tax 401k contributions?
    Best Regards
  • MollyG
    MollyG Member
    Is anyone from Quicken listening? This is a growing problem and you need to escalate this on the prioritization list!
  • Keeping this thread alive until this is addressed. Seems like QK is more interested in creating "buzz" around new bells and whistles to replace other bells & whistles. than making substantial improvements. If this forum isn't a venue for getting Intuit's attention, what is? Perhaps next time we get the periodic (3-6 mth?) CEO update boosting about all the revised.... err... new bells and whistles they've delivered, folks here should reply back asking for this 401k "bell/whistle". Just a thought...
  • David Roehl
    David Roehl Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Fully agree.  Conceptually, Quicken should be capable of replicating a W-2 for wage earnings and cover all types of deductions and account transfers.  We shouldn't forget about HSAs in here and the seemingly common employer match.
  • misterbear
    misterbear Member
    I can't understand how Quicken cant support Roth accounts in this day and age. Ridiculous for a product we are paying good money for.
  • beb1
    beb1 Member
    I just switched to a Roth IRA retirement methodology and was appalled to find out it is not an option in Quicken. It never occurred to me that Roth IRA's would remain unaddressed in Quicken. I too would like to hear someone with Quicken opine on this fundamental lapse in capability.
  • Jim_Harman
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    For the main discussion on Roth 401(k)s, see and vote for this Idea post
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