Quicken 2019 failed to install over Quicken 2016 on Windows 10.Pro x64 solved

I'm writing this in hopes of saving others the amount of time I spent searching for a way to install Quicken 2019 on my computer with an existing installation of Quicken 2016.

I ran the Quicken 2019 Premier installation file to replace my existing Quicken 2016 installation running under Windows 10 Pro x64.  After a few minutes a message appeared saying
"An error has occurred while installing Quicken"
It said to manually uninstall and then reinstall Quicken and gave a link for Quicken Support. That link took me to the Quicken home page and so was useless.

The log file created during the failed installation was not helpful to me. The log implied to me that everything had been going along correctly until the last three lines of the log that said
Sun Dec 02 11:44:58.89 2018 : Build Version:
Sun Dec 02 11:44:58.89 2018 : Wrong File Version for: C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken\SendError.dll
Sun Dec 02 11:44:58.89 2018 : File Version:
Sun Dec 02 11:44:58.151 2018 : Now Uninstall All versions of Quicken due to version mismatch.

I then tried to do a manual uninstall of Quicken 2016.

The Windows Programs and Features Control Panel no longer displayed any version of Quicken on my computer. A second attempt to run the Quicken 2019 installation file said that an older version was installed.

Searching the web for information about uninstalling Quicken led me to:
"Using QcleanUI to Fix Installation Issues with Quicken for Windows" on the Quicken website. 

I followed the instructions on that page and was then able to successfully install Quicken 2019.

This involved:
1.) Downloading QcleanUI.exe and MSICLEAN.exe via links on the QcleanUI web page.
2.) Running QcleanUI, which apparently deleted several entries in the Windows registry.
3.) Changing Windows folder settings to display hidden files and folders
4.) Renaming several folders in C:\Program Data and C:\Users\[my user name]\AppData\Roaming  
5.) Reboot computer
6.) Run the Quicken-Premier2019.exe installation program again.
7.) All went well and a few minutes later I was using Quicken 2019.


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