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When I use the Quicken Find feature, it brings up transactions in all accounts, and most of the time, I would like to search for  a payee or amount only in one account.  I know that there are other ways to search while you are in a particular register, but they are not as accurate and don't provide the options that Quicken Find does.  (I.e. searching for 25.00 in a register brings up all amounts and splits amount that contain "25.00" such as 625.00, 225.00 etc.)

Using the latest version of QWin on Windows 10 Pro
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  • SimonSezSoSimonSezSo Member ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Also, the Quicken Find feature does indeed limit the search to the given account, if you don't click "Find All", but it doesn't show all the matching transactions, just the next one.  "Find All" on the other hand shows all the matching transactions, but doesn't limit it to one account.

    (Thank you QPW, for alerting me to this detail that I left out)
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