Password Vault: [your bank] could not use the password you entered.

When I tried to add my new password to my vault for my BB&T account, I got the above message.  I've seen other threads regarding "deactivating and relinking...", as well as a "password confirmation tool"..., as well as clicking on "learn more".  None of these worked for me.  my error screen doesn't have a learn more button.  So, this is still an issue.  PLEASE HELP!!  The support desk couldn't help me either.  So, maybe there's a user out there who can help.  


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    Hi @ Rick ,

    See this FAQ from Quicken when creating a Password at the Bank Website that you need to use for Express Web Connect:

    thecreator - User of Quicken Subscription R18.15 & Quicken 2017 HBRP
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    Has your password met the site’s criteria? Using 8 or more characters, at least 1 uppercase, at least 1 number and, perhaps, 1spe is character. Some sights do not allow special characters.
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    if you can log in online then the above probably won't work because you meet the FI's criteria for passwords.   
    so it's likely there's a mismatch.  try this 
    backup file
    go to tools tab
       click password vault
       click add edit passwords
       enter vault password
       click on the ID line for this account
       click delete password
       properly exit Quicken
       open Quicken
       go to the problem account 
       click on gear icon
       click update now
       enter password and click save box

    if this doesn't work, I would contact FI for help.  I doubt it's a problem Q can solve

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