Bank credentials for One Step Update

I recently lost my bank card and had to get a new one, so my login information for my online banking has changed.

However when trying to delete the bank card info in my password vault, there does not appear to be a way to do this.  My accounts continue to be linked to my old card number.

How do I delete my old bank card number and switch my accounts to using the new number?

Using Quicken Windows Canada 2018.



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    Keep using the same Quicken account register. Just deactivate and the reactivate the account. And, if your account register is named "XYZ VISA 1234" (with the old card number's last 4 digits) change that to show the new card's last 4 digits, for reference

    To deactivate an Account

    Go to Tools >
    Account List.

    Click Edit for account you need to change.

    Click Online Services tab.

    If account has been activated for Online Bill Payment, deactivate this service

    Click Deactivate button in Online Setup box.

    Repeat for any other accounts that need to be deactivated.

    Restart Quicken to make sure that the changes are fully applied.


    To (re-)activate accounts for downloading

    Create a backup of
    your Quicken data file. This is a restore point, should something go horribly
    wrong during the next steps.

    If you normally automatically accept downloaded transactions into your
    registers I recommend you turn this feature off now. The first transaction
    download after every activation will download 60 - 90 days worth of
    transactions into your account(s). Auto-accepting them will most likely create
    a horrible mess that's difficult to undo. You're better off manually reviewing
    and accepting or deleting this first batch of downloaded transactions, one by
    one.  Go into Edit / Preferences /
    Downloaded Transactions. Remove the checkmarks from both "After
    downloading transactions" settings.

    Go to Tools / Add Account to reactivate the accounts. As you go thru the setup
    process, Quicken will identify all accounts it can download.

    Select an account type, e.g. Checking

    Enter the name of your bank and click Next. 
    Some banks have multiple choices, Consumer vs. Business accounts,
    Express Web Connect vs. Direct Connect. Be sure to pick the correct

    Enter your credentials, select Save this password (if using password vault) and
    click Connect.

    You should now see a
    list of all accounts found at your bank that you can activate. If you are
    activating an existing account, make sure the dropdown button for that account
    says LINK. If it says ADD, change it to LINK and select the correct Quicken
    account.  If it already says LINK, click
    the button and select the correct existing account register. If you do not do
    this, then the account will be added as a new account instead of being linked
    to the existing account register.

    Repeat this step for
    each account listed.

    Change ADD to IGNORE for any account on the list that you do not want to
    activate at this time. You can always come back and activate more accounts

    Click Next to continue.

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    Thanks for the info.  A couple of things:

    1) So is it not possible to delete my old bank login credentials from my password vault?  I see no where in there where I can actually delete credentials.

    2) I am unable to deactivate online banking services for one of my chequing accounts.  It says I need to accept any downloaded transactions first, but there are no downloaded transactions.

    I've attached a screenshot of the error I get.


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    Replying to myself here.  I closed and reopened Quicken and that seemed to get rid of this problem.  Now working on the rest...
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