This is a major flaw in my world of using Quicken.

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start I am using 2019 R15.18 Build 
I use the Bills and Income tab 75% of the time and the actual registry and reconciling the rest.  Now when I use the Manage Manual Bills and
Income if I update an amount I lose the
#left payments or income I have established. 
The program is dropping what is in that field.  This sent me on a wild goose chase one day I
thought I most hit a major
inheritance.  Only to find out an income
I had 24 entries left and it jumped to infinity.  Once I brought it back things looked normal
again semi-broke.  So, I started
experimenting and realized what the program was doing, it drops the time left
every time.


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    That happens to me too.  I have brokered CDs that I set up income reminders for.  I put in the maturity date as the end date and then it shows the number of payments left.  The problem was that any time I went back into the reminder to update anything, the number of days disappeared.  My workaround was update the end date any time I updated the reminder for anything else.  Once I understood what was going on, it wasn't a big deal.  A "major flaw", NO, not at all.  A minor nuisance, yes. 
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    This is a frequently discussed bug. AFAIK, a fix is in the works, but only the crystal ball knows when it will be fixed. Stay tuned.
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