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I have a Quicken for Mac subscription which expires in May 2020.  I purchased a disk from Amazon and have upgraded many times since that disk installation.  Currently my version is 5.8.2  (Build 58.24609.100)

I need the procedure or method to get the Quicken software installed after the Operating System is returned.  If there is any specific procedure required to open or "connect" between the Quicken software and my data file, I need that also.  


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    If you do a macOS reinstall over the top of your existing macOS, all the applications and data should remain and you should not have to do anything extra. That is the recommended troubleshooting/repair procedure before completely wiping the disk and starting over from scratch.

    However, if you do need to wipe the disk, you can re-download the current Quicken app by logging into your account at When you open your data file with the newly downloaded app, it will ask you to sign into Quicken (same account credentials). That should be all you need to do.

    Before you proceed, log into and make sure the download is available there. If for some reason it's not, you could always compress (zip) the current application in your top level Applications folder and save it on a thumb drive, then move it back and unzip it after your system is restored.
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    Thanks Rick - unfortunately I appear to be in the "wipe the disk" situation.  
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    Please don't forget to backup your Quicken data file too...prior to wiping your hard drive clean.

    And if possible, make MULTIPLE backups to multiple locations off your Mac.  
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