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Quicken Bill Pay-Charged Fee-Subscribed to Premier

Quicken have aligned themselves with what I can only call a fraudulent organization that miss communicated the service available to PREMIER account holders as a free service.

After going through all the motions in Quicken Premier of adding the ADD-ON service of Quicken Bill Pay, providing my checking account so that 2 deposits could be made to validate my account.  I have since been charged a $9.95 fee.
This was NOT authorized and as a checking debit, I am unable to reject it.
I rang Quicken Bill Pay and was told it was charged because I hadn't linked my checking account within Quicken. I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get this account cancelled and the amount refunded.
The call ended without ANY satisfaction, I was palmed off despite several attempts to get to talk to anyone that could do somethings about this.  TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. 
It's just plain WRONG!
Quicken - you have done yourselves a HUGE disservice!


  • ericweinerericweiner Member ✭✭
    edited December 2018
    Odd, I dont recall having to do anything special. I just installed Premier and set up my checking account.

    You are right, if you paid for premier then that 9.95 cost is included and there is ZERO reason to have charged your.

    Further, you are entitled to a refund...even if you made some sort of mistake. Have you contacted your bank to report an unauthorized charge?

    The Billpay people and not Quicken, and that is the real rub here as Quicken does not police their Partner.

    I would call Quicken and see if you can get them to intercede.
  • Jon WhittakerJon Whittaker Member ✭✭
    Well I don't know what finally happened, if it were one of my many calls, which were a ridiculous waste of my time, or the email to Quicken on 12/21/18 but I finally received a refund of my $9.95 back to my checking account on 2/5/19.  Appalling when you consider I raised this on 12/13/18.  I still like Quicken but I will never use any of their 3rd party services or software as a result of this terrible experience.  
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