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Q Mac: Loan type accounts cannot be reconciled.

Loan type accounts cannot be reconciled and need this functionality.  I was previously able to reconcile my mortgage against my statement, which is why I now have a mix of R's (green checkmark) and C's (cleared blue checkmark) in the transaction record. Would like the ability to reconcile my mortgage again. Please correct this and add this functionality.
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Not Planned · Last Updated

This change is not currently planned for the Mac product. We may reconsider this in the future.


  • Lysander SpoonerLysander Spooner Member ✭✭✭
    I agree, why is this function not available for this type of account?
  • julio.bouzajulio.bouza Member ✭✭
    Removing this functionality has to be one the 1.34343 million changes that Quicken has done which makes the user wonder what they heck they are doing.  The work around is to change to Liability but then the user loses the graph and the information of the graph which I find valuable.  What a dumb change.
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