Strange reconciliation problem

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Running Canadian H&B 2019 Version 15.24 on Windows 10. I reconcile 2 different credit cards monthly.Card A was reconciled about a week ago. The reconciled difference was +$44.93. I had to add an adjustment to make things balance. Card B (from an entirely different credit card company) was reconciled tonight. The difference was -$44.93. Coincidence? It appears that the 'cleared charges' value shown on the reconciliation screen does not equal the sum of all entered charges (receipts) minus any refunds, hence the discrepancy of 44.93. To make things balance I would have to take 44.93 off an existing transaction! Something is wrong here but I can pinpoint the problem. 


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    @John: what do you mean that you had to "make an adjustment"? You should always be able to find the actually discrepancy and correct it. You should never have to "fudge" the reconciliation. Are you reconciling to a monthly statement or to the online balance? To me, it sounds like a transaction that should have been entered in one card's register (for a value of $44.93) accidently got registered in the other card's register.
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