No Send option in dropdown menu when entering transaction in Quicken 2017

Using Quicken 2017 Premier, Windows 7 Pro, been using Quicken since it was DOS only.  Using the same bank and the same, activated bank account I've been using for years.  Suddenly when I enter a transaction there is no option to "send online payment"  in the drop down menu.  I restored from my most recent backup, but still no "send" option.  Can you help me?


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    Who is your bank?  Do they still offer Direct Connect with Quicken?  Banks have been removing this capability to cut costs, or starting to charge monthly for the service. First way to check is go to Account List and look at the Online Bill Pay column.  You should see Yes and with DC.  If not, look at your bank.
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    Thanks for the info.  My bank is Wells Fargo. In the Transaction Download column it said Yes(Direct Connect).  In the Online Bill Pay column it said No (Activate Download).  I clicked on Activate Download and it changed to Yes (Wells Fargo Bill Pay).  I restarted Quicken and now I have the option to Send Online Payment.  Thank you so much for your help!
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