Vault will not take new account passwords when reset

password vault reset, I was able to put in a new vault password, but it is not allowing me to add new passwords for accounts. The 'buttons are there, but they are grey and cursor cannot 'push' them. I have followed the instructions for tools> password vault>add or change passwords. Also reset vault password. Also deleted and reset vault, with the same result. Quicken 2016 for Rental Property and Windows 10


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    We are having the same issue. How do we resolve this?
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    You might want to start with a file validation to see if there is some type of data corruption that hopefully can get resolved. File>File Operations>Validate.
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    @tudieb5 ;Do you have any accounts set for downloading?  DO Tools, Account List, and see what's in the "Transaction Download" column across from your accounts.
    Because, I'd interpret your graphic to mean that NO accounts are set up for download via either Direct Connect or Express Web Connect. If accounts WERE set up for download, they would show in the Vault ... but without passwords ... which was the OP's issue.
    I.E., you don't have the same issue.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    You can not enter passwords in the Password Vault for accounts that are not activated for "Direct Connect" or "Express Web Connect" downloads.

    [If your accounts are activated for "Web Connect", you will never be able to enter their passwords in the Vault: you will always be required to enter your logon credentials at the financial institution web site for Web Connect accounts.]

    Accounts that offer Direct Connect or Express Web Connect downloads can have their passwords entered in the Quicken Password Vault once they are activated for downloading.

    If you are unable to enter your passwords in the Password Vault for accounts activated for Direct Connect or Express Web Connect: 

    Backup first; then try deleting the Password Vault


    After you have deleted the Vault, try an Online Update. 

    That should present you with the One Step Update Settings - which should display every financial institution that is activated for One Step Update ... with an empty "Password" field, which you can fill in with the appropriate password, then click Update Now to complete the update and have Quicken add your passwords to the Vault.

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    Got it. Yaaaayyyyy. Thank you.
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