Import .qif files from Quicken Premier 2010 into Quicken Premier 2017?

I have always just used manual input.  I'm running Quicken 2010 Premier (Windows 10) on my home computer (no web usage).   If I buy Quicken 2017 Premier, can I import my .qif files into it flawlessly, and can I continue to use those files if I update in the future?



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    Why import QIF files?  There's a distinct process whereby Q2010 QDF files can be read by Q2017.

    See this:

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    Moving from 2010 to 2017 will not affect how you import your .QIF files.  Subscription Quicken (2018+) does change how QIF files are imported.  The major change is that they go directly into the account's register without stopping in the Download Transactions tab as it has in 2017 and prior versions.  Renaming rules are also not applied either.

    So, only upgrading to 2017 is a good choice in your situation.
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