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Quicken Mac 2007 file corrupt restore

 I am one of those poor souls whose Quicken Mac 2007 data file AND the backup folder was in a document folder which was synced to iCloud. So one day, ALL versions including the backups corrupted and stopped working out of the blue. I got the dreaded "Unable to open file". Now. I've been through this website up and down and I'm aware of all proposed solutions. It doesn't work in any case, so I lost a lot of work.
So my quesion to you: ESPECIALLY Quicken works, Super users and past workers. Apart from any workarounds, is there any way to retrieve, rebuild or otherwise get the info back from this file? Can I send it to you and you magically can read it at the mothership? Doesn't even have to be the whole 8 year history, just the last year would be fine. If you know, please let me know and I'm happy to reasonably pay too.



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