Category summary report lists no tags as all tags

John Keating
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In QM19:
  1. Run a standard Category Summary report
  2. Click the Customize button, then click the Tags menu and make sure only "No Tag" is checked.
  3. Click OK and notice that in the report's header, it says "All Tags" next to "Tags:", even though the report does indeed show only transactions without a tag.
  4. Also note that if you add an additional tag to the report, it only lists that tag in the report header even though "No Tag" is also checked and should be listed.
Would expect the report header to say "No Tags" or "Untagged" or something like that.


  • jacobs
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    John, I think this is a function of using the old-style "Category summary" report instead of the similar report you can generate via "New Report". The developers recently added the ability to select no tags, but I think they just didn't go back to modify the legend in the old report (which is likely on its way out in the near future). If you use New Report > Subtotal by Category and use the same selection criteria, there is no misleading legend:

    The developers have worked over the past year or more to build the new report engine to replace the old Essentials-era reports. Their strategy appears to have been to build out the features needed -- ability to add/remove columns, re-arrange column order and set column width, improve selection criteria, etc. -- before replacing the old-style reports or adding other new reports users have asked for, but I believe that's what you'll see happen in the year ahead.
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  • John Keating
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    Fair enough. I'll stop noting bugs in the old reports.
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