Top Trending Categories Last 30 days doesn't show transactions for SUB-categories despite showing ca

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Using iOS app version 5.8.1 on my iPhone and Desktop is Quicken Premier 2017 R17.4 Build on Windows 10 with latest updates.

Open iOS Quicken Mobile app and allow to refresh.

Tap “Top Trending Categories Last 30 days”

(Thank you for adding the “Last Month” and other new options here, that is great!)

The overall functionality of the Spending Trend page transactions listing isn’t working correctly now when displaying transactions where the spending is in SUB-categories only. From the below image you can see the graph shows $557 in Medical expenses but shows zero transactions. That is because the transactions are all in SUB-categories of Medical like Medical: Medicine and Medical: Doctors.

The bug is that it should not say, "You don't have any transactions" but should instead list 2 transactions. (In fact, how can that ever be supposed to show "You don't have any transactions" as it must always have some transactions in the given category to even show up on the circle graph.)

From this separate search in All Transactions, you can see that I DO have
transactions this month that should be showing on the "Top Trending
Categories Last 30 days” transactions list under Medical.



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    Hello JayBugs,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    I did some testing with my personal data file and when viewing the Top Trending Categories for the Last 30 days in the mobile iOS 5.8.1 build, all transactions with sub-categories are listed in the view so there may be something more going on here.

    May I ask, is "Medicine" a sub-category of "Medical"?  Are there any Tax Line Item's associated with either the main category or the sub-categories?  If you aren't sure how to check for Tax Line Items, in the Desktop version of Quicken, go to the Tools menu > Category List and search for the main category name.  Any tax line items should be listed in the Category List > Tax Line Item column.

    If there is a Tax Line Item associated with either the main or the sub-category, please edit the category and temporarily remove the Tax Line Item then re-sync the data.  You may need to sign out and back in on the Mobile App but does the sub-category transactions now appear in the Top Trending Categories graphic?

    Please let us know, thank you!

  • JayBugs
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    You asked whether "Medicine" is a sub-category of "Medical" and the answer is yes Medicine is one of 3 sub-categories of Medical.

    I will check the tax status of each of Medical and Medicine at the end of the week when I can access my desktop Quicken.
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    Per your request, "If there is a Tax Line Item associated with either the main or the sub-category, please edit the category and temporarily remove the Tax Line Item then re-sync the data."

    I've removed the Tax Line item associated with "Doctor, Dentist" and "Medicine" sub-categories of "Medical". I have NOT yet removed the Tax Line item associated with "Medical". Syncing to mobile.  Done, no errors. Open...Mobile app (5.10.0 on iOS) refreshing..."You don't have any transactions." when total for Medical is $325 for Last Month. Per your steps, logging out of app...logged back in...loading data...same result for Medical. (Note that other categories, like Utilities, that have sub-categories do correctly show the list of transactions below the circle graph.

    I have now removed the Tax Line item associated with "Medical". Syncing to mobile. (Using Mobile & Alerts tab and clicking Sync Now.) Done, no errors. Refresh mobile app. "You don't have any transactions." when total for Medical is $325 for Last Month. (Also happens on Last 30 Days.) Logging out of app... logged back in...loading data..same issue. No transactions shown for Medical.

    I'm going to restore my Tax Line items and upgrade to Quicken 2019 now and see if that makes any difference. More once the upgrade is done.

    Note that on the up-side, budget values now seem to be correct, or at least fairly close, on the mobile app finally! That is even though all categories and sub-categories still say "Rollover from January 2011" when only a few of them rollover from that far back, most from only 2015, and some not at all. Ops, spoke too soon, February Budget screen no longer shows the names of ht major groupings like Income and Personal Expenses even though the numbers are shown with the thermometer bar. Keep at the bugs!

  • JayBugs
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    OK, I upgraded to Quicken 2019, synced again to web then logged out and in on the Mobile Quicken. No change. Transactions within Medical's SUB-categories do not display. (I left the tax items in place since that didn't seem to help.)

    HOWEVER, I've done a test and added a dummy transaction for today in the Medical category directly and that transaction DOES show in the transactions list below the circle graph.

    Continuing the test, I now add a dummy transaction for today in the Lab SUB-category of Medical and sync to cloud then to mobile. The Lab sub-category transaction does NOT show. The Medical parent category continues to show. The total in the circle graph is the total for both the Medical parent category transaction plus the Lab sub-category transaction.

    And on the budget issue I mentioned above (which I reported just now with a sanitized data file from within Quicken) the February Budget screen is now showing major groupings like Income and Personal Expenses. I compared all balances and all are correct EXCEPT FOR ONE which I reported from within Quicken. That report is below. It is under a different QuickenID/email. Private message me to get that email address.:

    ===Negative spending on budgeted items is wrong in Mobile app compared to desktop===

    Using Quicken Premier for Windows desktop 2019 R17.6 build and Quicken Mobile iOS on iPhone 5.10.0 (38.12220.4012)

    In the budget on the Mobile app, it appears that you are not handling negative spending on budgeted items correctly. (That is credits to budgeted spending categories are not increasing the remaining available budget as they should and as they do in the desktop. Note that this category rolls over from month to month and year to year.)

    Comparing the balance in my desktop quicken budget to the same item in the mobile app shows a difference of $200, which corresponds to a positive item that I received and allocated to the category in question.

    Category A Quicken desktop-January values
    Budget 330
    Actual 380 (NOTE that the transactions for January are 300, 126, -200, 54, 18.44, 38.16, 42.98 = Total: $379.58, NOTE THE NEGATIVE 200 TRANSACTION)
    Balance 35708

    Category A Quicken desktop-February values
    Budget 330
    Actual 10
    Balance 36028

    Category in Quicken Mobile 5.10.0.
    Category A
    $10 out of $35838
    $35828 Left

    Tap "$10 out of $35838” shows:
    Budget this month $330.00
    Rollover from January 2011 $35,507.88
    Available $35,837.88

    NOTE that the available amount in Quicken Mobile is $200 lower than it should be.
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    Diving off on the budget issue (sorry, I know it SHOULD be a separate message...) looking at shows the same issue! And there I can click the spending, see the $10 this month and then click back to see January transactions...where it totally fails to list the $200 transaction at all! So the mobile app and the are both failing to take into account any amount positive against a budget category. That leads to serious errors in balances, especially over time. Please get the programmers moving on this... :-)
  • JayBugs
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    Back on the Top Trending Categories issue, I've found that this happens with the Auto category as well. In Jan-2019 I have no transactions in Auto itself, but I have a single transaction in the "Car Sharing" sub-category of Auto, but when I click the pie slice for Auto in the circle graph on the Spending Trending screen, Auto shows at $75 but says the now frequent "You don't have any transactions." message. You can see from the searches on the All Transaction screen that I do in fact have a Zipcar transaction that should have appeared.

    As either a separate (related?) bug in All Transactions searching, or maybe a clue to why the sub category transactions don't appear, if I type in the number 75 many transactions are show that have a 7 then a 5 someplace in the name, memo, or amount, but the $75 Zipcar transaction in question does not show up in the results at all. If I search for exactly 75.00 or even -75.00 the transaction also does not appear, even though the Zipcar transaction was for exactly 75.00 amount. (See all screen shots below.)

  • JayBugs
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    Just letting Quicken Sarah know that this still happens and I've found more categories where it happens. Basically anything there there is a category and some sub categories and all of the transactions are in the SUB categories only will show the main category in the last 30 days but then will show zero transactions despite there being transactions in the sub categories.

    Any fix pending?

  • kelly1171
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    This is an issue for me and it never was before. Quicken, please fix this! I really relied on it.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @kelly1171

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community and post your issue, however, this is an older post and is less likely to get an answer.

    I suggest creating a new post for better visibility.

    Be sure to include a description of the issue, along with any error messages, as well as the version/release of Quicken that you're using.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

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