NEW 01/08/19 Reports of Multiple Errors Received w/Wells Fargo Bank

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We are investigating reports of Users receiving multiple error codes/messages when attempting to update or add accounts with Wells Fargo Bank in both Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac that affect the Express Web Connect/Quicken Connect and Direct Connect connection methods. 

These errors include but may not be limited to: no downloaded transactions after successfully adding/updating accounts, CC-506/106, CC-505/105, CC-502/102, OL-221-A error codes or a "AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (QCS_SERVER_ERROR:api.request.value)" error message.

We have opened a ticket with our Service Providers and Wells Fargo to investigate these errors and apologize for any inconvenience or frustration experienced.

Some Users have reported that these errors are resolved for them by the following steps:

Quicken for Windows Users
  1. Reset the affected Account(s) by going to Tools and selecting the Account List.  Click Edit to the right of the affected account name, in the Account Details window select the middle tab for Online Services and then "Reset Account".  Repeat for all Wells Fargo accounts.
  2. If the reset fails or the error persists - deactivate all accounts with Wells Fargo in Quicken, reactivating the accounts through the Tools menu > Add Account option. 
  3. Enter Wells Fargo into the Financial Institution search bar and select the "Wells Fargo wellsfargononqfx.scr" name from the list, ensuring to "link" the accounts with their already existing names in Quicken to avoid duplicating accounts/balances.

Quicken for Mac Users
1. Deactivate all accounts with Wells Fargo in Quicken.
2. Reactivate the accounts through the Accounts menu at the top of Quicken > New
3. Select "Wells Fargo wellsfargononqfx.scr" from the Financial Institution list and be sure to "link" the accounts to their already existing names in Quicken.

**Special Note for Direct Connect Users** When reactivating the accounts in both Quicken for Mac and Windows,  Wells Fargo requires the fmssetup process ( be completed in order to successfully activate the accounts in Quicken.  More information and the steps to complete this process is available here.

If errors persist after following these troubleshooting steps, please allow up to 24 hours and try to add/update accounts once more.  

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Thank you!
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